Make Better Presentations

We can’t promise that if you make better presentations your world will change but we can promise it’s more likely. If you can convince people your ideas are better than what they’re doing at the moment they’re more likely to take your ideas on board. If your presentation shows that your tools are better, they’ll buy your tools. And if you can use your presentation to illustrate XXX then more people will do XXX.  It really is as simple as that.

Steve Trister giving a presentations training testimonial
Comedian Steve Trister giving a testimonial about our presentations training

Chances are you know you need to make better presentations or you’d not be on this site. If you’re not sure how you need to get it, feel free to take a poke around the site. The menu should be in the top right hand corner where-ever you go. A good starting point might be our testimonials page, to set your mind at rest.


Our training clients – are you a fit?

We specialise in clients who are good at what they do – but now they’ve got to present about what they do. Maybe you’ve just got promoted; maybe you want to be. Maybe you’re an expert in your field and now you feel the need to share you expertise to make the world a bit of a better place. We’ve worked with everyone from people who haven’t yet started their own companies to billion dollar per year multi-nationals; from dancers to research scientists.

If you want to be a full time, professional speaker we’re not for you. We’ll point you at other people who specialise in that sort or thing though.

Click her to drop us a line if you want better presentations from you or your team.

The three presentation-Ps – company values

Simon Raybould - presentations trainerWhy the letter P? In a rather childish attempt to stick to alliteration with the word presentation! 🙂 More seriously, we work to three ideals in our training.

The first presentation-P is “Proven”. Everything we do is based not on opinion but on university-grade, published research. Occasionally, when we’re training with you, something comes up that there’s no published research papers about. (Hey, not everything is formally researched!) If that happens, we’ll tell you what the consensus of the world’s leading experts is and what our opinion is but we’ll tell you first that that’s what we’re doing, so you know it’s what it is – no false labelling of our ideas is ‘the truth’.

The second P is “Practical”. We translate that into understandable, apply-able tools and tactics, because we can read and understand the scientific research papers (that’s what PhDs are for, after all!). We speak ‘scientist’ and we speak ‘English’: the two are not always the same!

Finally, our third presentation- P is “Prophetic” – not in the sense of being able to see into the future, but in the true Old Testament sense of ‘speaking truth to power’: everyone gets the same level of respect and the same level of work and the same level of honesty.