Presentations learning from modern art… #2

Last week, I talked about what presenters could learn from modern art (well, all art, but modern art in particular). I concentrated on the art itself, the bit we look at, but that's not all there is … [Read more...]

Presentations – learning from modern art… #1

Art -modern in particular - often hangs on what's not seen. What's not shown is filled in by the viewer. Come to think of it, that's pretty much true of even 'traditional' art, too. For example, my … [Read more...]

Foxtrot Oscar presentations – or Whisky Tango Foxtrot

Foxtrot Oscar? Sorry, what?  Well to be honest, I’ve just sworn. Quick badly in fact. If you know what I’ve done great, and welcome to the club. If you don’t let me explain that Foxtrot, Oscar, Whiske … [Read more...]

Presentations BadVice

What's BadVice? BadVice is the (usually well-meaning advice given by amateurs and WikiTrainers) when someone says they have a presentation coming up and want to know what to do. It's the blind … [Read more...]

Introverts, marching and presentations

I’ve been grinning at the humour and inventiveness of some of the banners in the women’s protest marches recently. Personally I feel that a few of them go a bit too far and that the use of bad lan … [Read more...]

Is it the end for the Wonder Woman of Presenting?

Who's the Wonder Woman of presenting?  Amy Cuddy. I'm bastardising her research a lot here, but the idea is that adopting certain "power poses" can greatly increase confidence and the most famous of … [Read more...]

Means and ends in your presentations

I spent very nearly two and a half decades as a university researcher. My post - in fact more or less my entire research unit, the largest social science research unit in the UK and the second most … [Read more...]

Why your presentation shouldn’t worry about VAK

If I had a pound for everyone who came to me citing the VAK model, I’d be a rich man. In case you’ve managed to avoid hearing about it, the basic idea is that people have a preference for how they tak … [Read more...]

How to have creative ideas for your presentations.

Look, you know it, I know it and your audience knows it... Boring presentations bore your audiences and as a result, no one takes in what you're trying to communicate. No one acts on what you’ve said, … [Read more...]


What, you wanted a blog about making better presentations?  Today?   This close to Christmas?  It would just have been full of corny jokes about presents-vs-presentations. I've got a better id … [Read more...]

Marine Haiku

One of my pet peeves when I'm training people in making awesome presentations is that when I ask the, they don't know what they're presentation is for. I get waffly answers relating to what it's … [Read more...]

Handouts and followups for your presentations. Enter Talkbook

Slides make bad handouts. We all know that (though a depressing number of presenters act as though they don't, and still insist on giving slides as follow up material). And in any case, giving people … [Read more...]

Targeting your presentations

Right then... let's face it. Most presentations fail because (as I've said until I'm blue in the face!) presenters don't know what it is they're trying to do. I've posted about that before and I'll … [Read more...]

The best of the rest

For a long time, I ran the Presentation Skills Blog over on my training company's site. As I write there are very nearly 450 posts! At a guess I'd say that barely 50 of them were self-indulgent, or … [Read more...]

A personal post about a presentation

Maya Angelou is one of my all-time favourite authors. She's written some drop-dead astonishing stuff. Her autobiography runs for seven books and stops when she started to be a writer. (Go read them.) … [Read more...]