A fan-boy rave :)

I like podcasts. I use them a lot to mean that time which would otherwise be dead and unproductive (I have a regular three hour drive to a set of gigs, for example) is now useful. I'm also a fan of … [Read more...]

Getting longer attention in your presentations

I love the TES - the articles are an easy read but written by people who know what they're doing. Admittedly a lot of it isn't relevant to making presentations (because it's a magazine for teachers!) … [Read more...]

Presentations for academics (and other hard core experts!)

I’ve just spent some time working with some ‘early years’ researchers. Given that a research career last for a very long time (mine was quite short at 24 years!) in part because it takes a looooong tim … [Read more...]

Proofing (and otherwise checking) your presentation

Creating a presentation is one thing – checking it is another. (Notice that I don't say 'writing' your presentation, because you shouldn't be thinking that way.) The painful fact is, however, that m … [Read more...]

Last Friday’s presentation

Last Friday I ran a half day presentation skills training course, largely as part of our Social Responsibility Programme. I sold enough tickets, commercially, to pay for the venue and so on but the … [Read more...]

The end of death by powerpoint?

Here’s a rock ’n’ roll idea, though it’s only my opinion... The days of Death by PowerPoint are over. I’d like to pretend that’s because presentations have got better all over the world and that pre … [Read more...]

Presentation targeting – the three by three

I believe presentations should change something - otherwise they're just a pastime. So, things that improve the likelihood of change are good (all other things being equal ;) ).  And targeting your … [Read more...]

More of me, somewhere else!

Lets play. Let's play a game of "let's pretend".     Specifically "let's pretend you want to hear me instead of reading me".  Well here's your chance.   Here's a fun chat I did on the Industry Angel po … [Read more...]

Presentations after my holiday

My voice went lower in Spain.  Don't get me wrong, it's not 'cos it was Spain, specifically, just that I was there for a week to do nothing. Just recharge. The toughest decision I'd have to make was … [Read more...]