Personal stories in your presentations: Scars not scabs

"Scars not scabs" is a phrase I picked up of Episode 115 of Beth Below's "Introvert Entrepreneur" podcast where Beth is chatting to Esther Choy of the Leadership Story Lab. It rang a bell with me … [Read more...]

Make a presentation about anything you like, Simon

I’ve had a few invitations to speak recently (some paid, some asking for a favour), and it struck me that when I followed up and said “Okay, what about?” and unusually high number said something like “ … [Read more...]

Presentations and the illusion of truth

Put simply, the illusion of truth is that we (by which I mean people!) have a tendency to belief/trust those things which are familiar. It doesn't have to be true for that to work, we just have to … [Read more...]

Small Simon talks about Science – using metaphors in presentations

Yeah - sorry!  This is late... but hopefully you'll forgive me when you see the output and have a giggle while you learn  ;) Introducing Small Simon, who's talking about using metaphors in your p … [Read more...]

Using your deadtime for better presentations

I’m writing this on a train. For me, that’s quite unusual, because I tend to use train journeys for consuming content rather than creating it. In part that’s because it’s easier to read my kindle or li … [Read more...]

TES time for presenting

The TES (Times Educational Supplement) on June 2nd, 2017 has a cracker of an article. Dylan Wiliam talks sense about how people (well, school pupils!) learn. Now, given how much tosh is put about by … [Read more...]

Pictionary Presentations

I'm not particularly one for party games. I've had too many experiences of coming last. I guess it says more than I'd like to admit about me and my friends that that matters. But I do rather like … [Read more...]

Doctors’ presentations – part two

Last week, I started to explore some of the work of Mayer about how to make presentations have more impact, in terms of what audience's remember and can apply. There's more though, and it's all good … [Read more...]

What doctors know about making presentations

I've seen lots of doctors make presentations and the brutal version of this blog post could be, frankly "not much".  But that's odd, because there's a lot of good research that's been carried out to … [Read more...]