Pictionary Presentations

I'm not particularly one for party games. I've had too many experiences of coming last. I guess it says more than I'd like to admit about me and my friends that that matters. But I do rather like … [Read more...]

Doctors’ presentations – part two

Last week, I started to explore some of the work of Mayer about how to make presentations have more impact, in terms of what audience's remember and can apply. There's more though, and it's all good … [Read more...]

What doctors know about making presentations

I've seen lots of doctors make presentations and the brutal version of this blog post could be, frankly "not much".  But that's odd, because there's a lot of good research that's been carried out to … [Read more...]

Presentation rehearsal – learning from Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou is pretty much my favourite poet. Not quite, but close. But she did write what is probably my favourite poem (Like Dust I Rise). Amongst the many things she’s famous for are pithy bits of … [Read more...]

Being a Speakers vs Being a Presenter

This one is personal. Unusual for me there isn’t a bunch of research papers behind it (as far as I know no one has written any!) but it’s based on ten years of being a presentations trainer - not a spe … [Read more...]

Confidence for Conferences or other big events…

I'm talking about the middle ground conferences where it's your professional body - or at least your would-be-professional-body-if-you-could-face-the-conference, or the … [Read more...]

Conference presentation – a history, part 2

Just like bands that are revolutionary and have breakthrough albums, and for whom the second album is always ‘challenging’ this is a bit of a ‘challenging’ blog.   Last week I gave you a pretty thoroug … [Read more...]

Conference presentation – a history, part 1

Part one of a two part set about a huge presentation I did recently :)    In this part I'll take you through the chronology of what I did to prepare and what happened.  Part two will look at what I le … [Read more...]

Presentation question! To slide or not to slide?

Note, a version of this article was originally published on the Presentation Guru website. To slide or not to slide? Yes, I know… I’m asking for trouble here, because it’s an area fraught with some v … [Read more...]