Proprioception – a missing book chapter? (Possibly!)

If you type proprioception into google you get the definition on the left. So what is it for? It allows you to know where you are so that you don't need to look at your limbs to know what they're … [Read more...]

Accents in your presentations…

It’s sad but true, if people can’t understand you, they tend to undervalue you. That’s the rather depressing evidence I've included in the book... The long and the short of it is that when people we … [Read more...]

A Presentation Genius Interview

Right, so Presentation Genius is based upon a lot (and I mean a lot!) of research. You know that, right? An article I wrote for HSBC just went o … [Read more...]

Can we break presentation genius down into smaller components?

Who do you suppose are the speakers who display some Presentation Genius? And what do they have in common? So what is it that makes the difference? What allows this presentation genius to show … [Read more...]

What stops presentation genius showing?

I’ve done a few different interviews in the last few months as we lead up to the launch of Presentation Genius and one of the questions that keeps coming up is “What’s the biggest single problem you fi … [Read more...]

Presentation Genius for Charity

I like to help out, and with the book launch of Presentation Genius on it's way I thought it would be a good time to pay back. A lot of people have helped and supported us (and me in particular) so … [Read more...]