My favourite chapter (this week!)

There's a quick thought about my favourite chapter in the book at the Presentation Genius Youtube channel ( … [Read more...]

Become a presentation genius

Forgive me - this post is a blatant plug... but I'm pretty excited about it! We've just launched our Presentation Genius Open Course programme! We're starting in Newcastle, in the new year, in this … [Read more...]


Let’s talk load - cognitive load. You can pick up the origins and history of the idea here, but for now, let’s concentrate on how it applies to making business presentations. The key concept is  … [Read more...]

Presentation sex

Sex... Not during your presentation (obviously?) but before it. Back at the start of 2006, researcher Stuart Brody, a psychologist at the University of Paisley, reported his research into sex … [Read more...]

Well it’s finally here! Presentation Genius hits the shelves today….

... and you can get yourself a copy here. Of course you can get it from your local bookshop or you can get it direct from Amazon, but if you make an extra click, I get an extra forty-something pence. … [Read more...]

Video help for your nerves

In the week that Presentation Genius finally hits the shelves, we've put out a set of videos to help with nerves - for presentations in particular, of course! :) Here I am, interviewed by my mate … [Read more...]

Proprioception – a missing book chapter? (Possibly!)

If you type proprioception into google you get the definition on the left. So what is it for? It allows you to know where you are so that you don't need to look at your limbs to know what they're … [Read more...]

Accents in your presentations…

It’s sad but true, if people can’t understand you, they tend to undervalue you. That’s the rather depressing evidence I've included in the book... The long and the short of it is that when people we … [Read more...]

A Presentation Genius Interview

Right, so Presentation Genius is based upon a lot (and I mean a lot!) of research. You know that, right? An article I wrote for HSBC just went o … [Read more...]