Personal stories in your presentations: Scars not scabs

"Scars not scabs" is a phrase I picked up of Episode 115 of Beth Below's "Introvert Entrepreneur" podcast where Beth is chatting to Esther Choy of the Leadership Story Lab. It rang a bell with me … [Read more...]

Conference presentation – a history, part 1

Part one of a two part set about a huge presentation I did recently :)    In this part I'll take you through the chronology of what I did to prepare and what happened.  Part two will look at what I le … [Read more...]

Handouts and followups for your presentations. Enter Talkbook

Slides make bad handouts. We all know that (though a depressing number of presenters act as though they don't, and still insist on giving slides as follow up material). And in any case, giving people … [Read more...]