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We promise to make your presentations better. We can’t promise the world will change overnight like winning the lottery, but it does make things more likely. We don’t ”fetishise” presentations – instead, better presentations are all about communicating better in the real, practical world of work. Reports to the board; pitch presentations for funding; academic reports and conferences; you get the idea.

It’s not about the ’standing ovation magic’ – though we’ve done those gigs ourselves and we can/will/do help with those if you ask.

Why make better presentations?

  • Want people to act on your ideas? You need to convince them that your ideas are better than what they’re doing now
  • Need people to buy your kit, tools, services or whatever? You need a presentation to convince people that your stuff is better
  • Want to do a cracking conference presentation that explains you work and keeps your peers engaged? Your presentation needs to be just that little bit better than the others at the conference.
  • Want to show how you solve problem X? Your presentation needs to convince people you’ve got the solution and that they need to action it.

Even if it’s as simple as giving people information so they’re better informed, the better your presentation is the more of what you say they can remember – and the more likely they are to act. (Yeah, we know, we keep repeating that phrase, because it’s the difference between a “good presentation in the room”, and a better presentation, which works “out of the room” too!)

The principle of better presentations is really rather simple!

… But simple doesn’t always mean easy… better presentations are easier said than done.

Okay, so how do I make better presentations, then?

Chances are you already know you need to make better presentations or you’d not be on this site. If you’re not sure how you need to get it, feel free to take a poke around. A good starting point might be our testimonials page (to reassure you) or our manifesto page (to scare you 😉 ).  Our company values, are there too.

The only hard choice is if you want presentations training for your team or do you want presentations training just for you?

The sensible thing to do next is have a chat. You can get a free coffee-length chat to see if get wet on, if you like me, and to figure out what you should do next. Book it before you forget!

What makes our presentations training better?

We don’t do opinion. It’s not just “what’s worked for us”. What we do is the science of better presenting.

We won’t just tell you what we do. We give you the tools and techniques you need for the kind of presentations you make.

I spent 24 years as a research scientist, with God-knows-how-many published papers to my name in dozens of famous international journals. I’ve researched what works most, for most people. We won’t try and change you into us. We’ll explore with you about what sort of presentation is most likely to work for you, in your circumstances, with your personality.

Want to see how all of this has worked for other people? Check out a few other people’s thoughts.

Are we a fit?

We work best with you if you’re good at what you do – but now you’ve also got to present about what you do.

Maybe you’ve just got promoted – or maybe you want to be. Maybe you’re an expert in your field and now you want to share you expertise and make the world a better place. Maybe you’re looking for investment. Or buy-in to ideas. We’ve worked with everyone from people who haven’t yet started their own companies to billion dollar per year multi-nationals; from dancers to research scientists.

In short, we help ‘normal people’ make better presentations. That’s it.

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How do we live our manifesto? Our three Es

We live and die by our three Es. Why E? Just because we wanted things to alliterate 

Simon Raybould - presentations trainer

Evidence – we only use tools and techniques that have been scientifically researched and proved to work. We don’t work on ‘just our experience’ no matter how experienced we are. This is because what works for us might only work for us. We read the original research papers as well as the books and the blogs!

Engagement – we take the best and most recent research and translate it into material that people immediately ‘get’ and can apply with relatively little practice or experience.

Equality – all our clients get the same opportunities and the same type of feedback/help, regardless of how “important” you are.

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