69 Stories Challenge and training!

Good at what you do?
But now you need to talk about it?

It’s great that you’re good at what you do, and it’s fantastic that you know what your organisation needs to do. But the bad news is that while facts tell us what needs changing stories are how we do it. If you give people a better way to do things but wonder why the don’t change, that’s why.

And if your presentations and marketing don’t keep people interested, that’s why, too.

But most of us are pretty reluctant to tell stories – we don’t know how, or we don’t think we should. That’s fine ‘cos I don’t want you just telling stories.

You’ve got to use them. Using stories well is how we change our world.

Ready to start?

Is 69stories for you?

What’s the story behind that pic, do you think? It’s a long one! 😉


You might have just been promoted. Or want to be… and now you have to make presentations about whatever you’re an expert in…

You know who you are. You need to tell stories in your presentations, to use them in your presentations – but you can’t or don’t.

Maybe you don’t know to use stories, or don’t feel you know any good stories. Or maybe you think storytelling is just for kids (it isn’t) and haven’t grabbed onto the idea of story-using yet…

Why 69 stories?

Not because it’s going to take 69 days! By the end you’ll have a fully catalogued collection of stories you can use almost anywhere – just like the professionals – in about a month.

This is what professional presenters do… what social media publishers do… we sound like we can speak better about anything because we can – because of our story libraries! (Oh, and we throw in training on how to tell those stories too!)

Telling stories is only part of if. Think of yourself as a user of stories, not just someone who tells them…

What will you find in 69stories? How does it work?

Here’s what you get – and what you have have to do if you’re up for the challenge!

In short, you’ll be better equipped and better armed as a presenter. Things are delivered by email and you’ll get:

  • curated access to a fist-full of training videos – ‘cos I’ve got ’em and they’re useful
  • access to the Trello and Notion 69stories templates – you can copy it and have somewhere to jot all your stories down, fully catalogued
  • help tips and micro-trainings
  • motivational and fun updates – well I think they’re fun at least! 😉
  • mini-challenges: from “find a story with a parrot in it!” or “grab three stories from any four of these categories” or “capture a story before breakfast!”
  • extra training emails with extra, specially-for-this-challenge, training
  • pointers to existing material that supports, depends and broadens this training-challenge
  • entry to my #TalkTactics newsletter into the future

What’s the word from others about 69stories?

How do I sign up and what’s the cost?

Just use the form below to give us your details. We’ll do the rest. It’s only $69 (obviously!) so it’s a bit of a no-brainer.

We’ll send you to an introduction page and we’ll automatically add you to the challenge list, so that your challenge and training emails start to arrive… best make very sure you use the right email address! 🙂

I’m ready for 69stories – sign me up!

But wait… What should put you off?

Well this is part training and part challenge – you’ve got to be prepared to do some work! My advice is to pick a month when you’re not likely to have an urgent crisis, so that you don’t fall behind. The emails are specially timed to be challenging-but-do-able, so if you fall behind it might be tricky to catch up.

Honestly I’d rather you waited to do 69stories than try it before you’re ready!

But don’t panic if you don’t manage the whole challenge first time around, because even just trying a bit of it gets you further than you were! And what’s more, you’ll have access to the content for as long as you need it, so you can have another go.

The other thing that should put you off is if your only interest is in telling stories. (Yeah, obviously you need to have a library of ’em first, but …). If that’s you, you’re better off looking at the Reluctant Storyteller Starter Pack.