Presenting is easy.

But presenting well – so that people like you – is harder…

… and presenting effectively is even harder.

What’s the difference between “well” and “effectively”? It doesn’t matter how much people like you and your presentations is they don’t act on it! That’s the effective bit!

But presentations are a fact of life if you want to get on in the business world. If that’s your opinion, then congratulations. Presenting Made Simple sounds like it’s a perfect fit to what you need. It’s nearly 50 pages long (A4 sized) and it’s absolutely brimming with the things we put in our live training. At only $13 it’s embarrassingly cheap!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to read it all at once 🙂

OMG! This is not a presenter’s or a speaker’s bible. Itʼs more like a Sat Nav that actually gets you there!!! From Jackanory and Mary Poppins and then to an Olympic Triple Jump this book is brilliantly written and is the shot in the arm for you to upgrade your presentations right away.
Geoff Ramm –  international speaker and past President of the Professional Speaking Association for UK & Ireland

We’re so sure you’ll find this a handy book we promise to give you your money back if you ask for it: all you have to do is email us and tell us what the problem was! In fact we’ll go further – we’ll even try and find ways to fix the problem for you, free. And we’ll make a donation for what you paid to a UK charity. Fair?

More than fair, we think!

Presenting Made Simple covers a huge range of the things presenters need to know about:

  • handling nerves
  • structuring presentations
  • designing slides
  • what goes wrong
  • levels of communication
  • models of presentation structure
  • using stories
  • handling questions
  • being credible and authoritative
  • being impactful
  • pro-tips
  • dirty tricks! 🙂

Honestly, it’s the book I wish I’d read 13 years ago when I started out, not the book I had to write for other people

Seriously, it’s a bit of a zombie offer. What’s a zombie offer? It’s our term for an absolute no-brainer! 😉