A fan-boy rave :)

I like podcasts. I use them a lot to mean that time which would otherwise be dead and unproductive (I have a regular three hour drive to a set of gigs, for example) is now useful. I’m also a fan of Dan Pink. He’s a writer with a sharp, investigative, journalist’s mindset, cutting through the crap. Combine those two things and it’s no surprise that I’m a fan of Dan’s new Podcast the 1-3-20. The idea is that he takes on book/big idea, asks the three key questions about it and has you done in under 20 minutes.

[one_half]As an aside the three questions he asks (plus follow-ups) are:

  1. what’s the big idea?
  2. why should I care?
  3. what should I do?

Many of us would do well to apply those three questions to our presentations before we throw them at unsuspecting audiences!

Episode two of this shiny new podcast is well worth a listen for the presenters amongst us. Dan Pink interviews Dan McGinn about his new book – all about performing for the big event! I’m not going to make the obvious commentary about getting ready for your next presentation – that’s all obvious. Instead all I suggest you stop reading this and give the podcast a listen.[/one_half]

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