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Presentation nerves – coping with different types

What’s that? There are different types of nerves? Afraid so, yes. What’s more, if you’re using techniques to control one particular type of nerves but you’ve actually got a belly-full of the other type, it’s not going to help your presentation at all. Presentation nerves can come from: worry about the content concern over the …

using a whiteboard to design a presentation

10 ways to make your presentation more memorable

Cast your mind back to when you were at school. (Sorry!) Your teacher was almost certainly a dedicated, trained professional, specialising in how to get information into your head. With me so far? And yet despite that, your teacher didn’t just present information to you in a ‘once and done’ approach, right? Nope: I’m betting …

why your presentation doesn’t contain proof

I’ve seen a lot of presentations recently… and I mean a lot of bloody presentations!… that pretend they’re offering proof that ‘the system they’re presenting about’ works. What they hide are sales pitch/presentation illustrating that the system in question can work. Not does work, just can do. When I say “sales pitch/presentation” I’m being unkind. …