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You can get a copy from Amazon. What’s not to love?! Of course, if you come to one of my live events there’s always the chance that I’ll have copies with me and might even sign one in exchange for a drink! 🙂 But if you’re not going to manage that, Amazon’s a great fallback: just click on the pic.  If you’re not sure, take a quick look at some of the feedback it’s been getting, even before release!

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In the spirit of full disclosure… yes, I get a tad of money from this. You’d be surprised how little author’s get for retail of a book otherwise – every little helps! 🙂  An author’s got to earn a crust somehow. And don’t forget you can get presentation genius training or presentation genius speaking, too.
[jbox color=”red”]There is no presentation this book wouldn’t improve[/jbox]
[jbox color=”blue”]An invaluable read for anyone interested in refining and improving their presentation technique, no matter how experienced they are[/jbox]
[jbox color=”yellow”]What a great little book! There is something here for everyone[/jbox]
[jbox color=”green”]However you use the book it will make you a more effective presenter[/jbox]

By the way – here’s a handy little freebie you might like… when you’ve got your copy of Presentation Genius, drop me a line. As a thank you for letting me know what you think (even if it’s not nice! 😉 ) I’ll send you an electronic copy of Presenting Made Simple. signature_scanedWhat’s that? It’s a middling-sized eBook which takes you through designing a presentation in step by step guides. I normally sell it for £8:25 but what the heck… all yours as a thank you!