Reluctant storyteller resources

This is a simple blog with simple ambitions! It exists purely as a place for you, gentle reader, to get hold of all the free material I’ve created so far for the Reluctant Storyteller. Most of them are one-take live recordings shot during the Corona-Virus lockdown! If this sort of … Continue readingReluctant storyteller resources

presentations and identity variables

What’s an identity variable? I self-identify as male. I self-identify as married. An identity variable is something that is you use to build your self image. If I looked in the mirror and found that instead of a six-feet-tall white man I could see a five foot tall woman I’d … Continue readingpresentations and identity variables

interactivity in presentation slides

Just to be clear, I’m not talking about interacting with the slides themselves (that’s a different blog). I’m talking about interacting with your audience when your presentation uses slides. After all, one of the big things that Prezi claims is that it allows you to jump around your presentation in … Continue readinginteractivity in presentation slides