interactivity in presentation slides

Just to be clear, I’m not talking about interacting with the slides themselves (that’s a different blog). I’m talking about interacting with your audience when your presentation uses slides. After all, one of the big things that Prezi claims is that it … Continue readinginteractivity in presentation slides

why appearances matter in presentations

Appearances in presentations matter because of the Oppenheimer Effect. I’ve known of the Oppenheimer Effect for years – partially as a social phenomenon and partially from personal experience. When I was a researcher I was the best there was at what I … Continue readingwhy appearances matter in presentations

Presentations – don’t start with why! Simon sinek was sort of wrong!

This post comes in two parts. Part one is about not starting with any “why” at all and the second part is about not starting your presentation with your “why”. The start of your presentation isn’t the right time to tell people … Continue readingPresentations – don’t start with why! Simon sinek was sort of wrong!