Downloads to help your presentations

Firstly… a free offer

In October, we’re going to be launching a whoooooollllleeee new online training and membership site at

If you feel you want (or even need!) to make more of an impact on the world then this site will be fore you.

We’ll look at presentations, of course, but also confidence, assertiveness, productivity, neves control and a hole lot more!

We’re not live yet, so if you want to know more and be kept in the loop you need to sign up for updates.

We’ll be looking for beta testers and making special offers as the launch date gets closer, too.

You can sign up here: just click to expand the first question on the FAQ and you’re in!

Secondly… something you have to pay for

So you’re interested in a punchy, powerful eBook about making presentations, eh? Congratulations. And you’d like to read it as well as buying Presentation Genius? Great. Presenting Made Simple sounds like it’s a perfect fit to what you need.

OMG! This is not a presenter’s or a speaker’s bible. Itʼs more like a Sat Nav that actually gets you there!!! From Jackanory and Mary Poppins and then to an Olympic Triple Jump this book is brilliantly written and is the shot in the arm for you to upgrade your presentations right away.

Geoff Ramm – International Speaker and past President of the Professional Speaking Association for UK & Ireland

What’s more, we’re so sure you’ll find this a handy book we promise to give you your money back if ask for it: all you have to do is email us and tell us what the problem was! In fact we’ll go further – we’ll even try and find ways to fix the problem for you, free. Fair?  More than!

Don’t forget to enter any discount codes you’ve been given!  The eBook will arrive by email within a couple of minutes. The subject line will tell you it’s come from “Presentation Genius” – thanks for buying


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