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SR_200_tallYes, yes, I know… an author who speaks… you’ve heard it all before. “He probably just mumbles into his text the way my university lecturers used to!”. I promise, I don’t. After all, this is a book about presenting. If I can’t walk the walk I’ve no right to talk the talk.

Of course, I can’t promise to make my entire audience into a crowd of Presentation Geniuses (I know that’s the plural for ‘genius’ but it doesn’t look right, does it!) but what I can do is give everyone a boost; to make them better presenters; and to help them understand what it is they need to do in the future to continue improving. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something different, you can book me for Bamboo and Oak – my keynote presentation about tools for ‘coping when the world is out to get you and your boss hates you’. In the jargon that’s called ’emotional resilience’ and it’s just about the most important element in long term success for normal people. (By the way, when I say ‘normal people’ here, I mean you. Or people like you. People who aren’t given it all on a plate, at least.)

Presentation Genius


High energy, full on, entertaining and – importantly – useful. I’ll explore with your audience what it is that makes presentations effective. Most presentations aren’t – they’re just something to survive or, perhaps worse, they’re just something people do because it’s expected of them or to cover their backs. Wouldn’t it be great if instead of all of that rubbish your presentations actually achieved something. Wouldn’t it be great if they changed something – such as your audience’s behaviour!

That’s what Presentation Genius is about. It’s about changing the world… or at least your tiny little bit of it. But that’s still pretty impressive, right?

Don’t worry, I won’t pull anyone up on stage as an unwilling victim to show people how it’s not done. I might not even get it 100% right myself but what I will do is explain the principles of why presentations work (when they do) and what to do about it (if yours don’t).

Oh, and if you’re the kind of person who does presentations which are fine but you know a lot of other people who need to see this… well why don’t you sit in the audience and see for yourself! 😉

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Email us about presentations training

I’ll bring my own laptop. I can bring a projector too, if you need me to, but I’d rather not. A big screen is a must. I need to know in advance what the layout is and how the room is set up. Speakers for music are nice but not essential. Likewise a flipchart if you want me to work with a small group in a workshop environment. (This is as well as the screen etc, not instead of it.) For more details, T&C, costs and so on, drop me a line:


Bamboo & Oak


We’ve all had days when the world hates us. Everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. And that’s fine: we pick ourselves up, dust ourselves down and get back on with life. But if that happens tomorrow. And the day after that. And the day after that, too?

Bamboo & Oak is the antidote to inspirational, motivational and aspirational speakers. What they do is great if you just need a bit of ‘get up and go’ on the good days – but back in the real world most of us have a different problem: you can’t rush up at the heights when it’s a struggle to avoid the depths. Bamboo and Oak is a thoroughly research (and tested!) presentation about how to cope in the real world of things going wrong. It’s about how to pick yourself up and start again. And again. And again.

We’ll draw on tools developed for positive psychology, for actors and athletes who have to perform at their best no matter what their personal circumstances and on every day life. Yes, there are stories, but this isn’t a story-based presentation… it’s a tool-based, content-driven presentation (which uses stories to make a point!) that’s been created after five years of research.

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Email us about presentations training

Bamboo and Oak works best with reasonably sized audiences. It can work for small groups but I need to know in advance, so I can bring different equipment. For large groups I need good audio-visual equipment. I’ll bring my own laptop, but a portable data-projector pointing at a wobbly portable screen isn’t what works best here. Loudspeakers for music are handy but not essential. For groups of over 40 it’s nice if you can provide a mic (lavalier for preference) and for groups of over 60 that’s a must!

For more details, T&C, costs and so on, drop me a line:[/jbox]