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Lets play. Let’s play a game of “let’s pretend”.     Specifically “let’s pretend you want to hear me instead of reading me”.  Well here’s your chance.   Here’s a fun chat I did on the Industry Angel podcast with Ian Farrar a little while ago.  We cover a lot of ground (some of it a bit self-absorbed, sorry!) but with some really handy stuff thrown in too.   If you’re looking for business podcasts, Ian’s is one of the few I listen to on subscription!

As you can hear, I had a lot of fun giggling away like a four year old! We range over some serious stuff as well though, and touch on some of the things that make me froth at the mouth in terms of WIKItrainers. What’s a WIKItrainer?   A WIKItrainer is someone whose response to a question is WIKI – based on their own experience, situation, circumstances and needs. It never occurs to them that other people have a different set of things to take account of – and consequently can offer some really bad advice!  (You can probably hear my getting annoyed by it even as I type!  😉 )

In case you’re looking for a guest on your podcast you can get hold of my interview-speciality-sheet About Dr Simon Raybould. I’m generally happy to chat, if we can make our diaries work out 🙂

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