Presentation Genius for Charity

voda logoI like to help out, and with the book launch of Presentation Genius on it’s way I thought it would be a good time to pay back. A lot of people have helped and supported us (and me in particular) so it’s only fair that we do! With that in mind, we’re running a Presentation Genius Special Training for VODA in the northeast of England, in June. If you’re a ‘good cause’ you can use that link to book a place.

[jcolumns] As part of the lead up to the course, VODA are releasing a series of interviews I did with them and you can see the first part of it below. In it, I chat about my background and how it’s affected the rigour I work with – and how I hope Presentation Genius will make the research that scientists are doing available to everyone else![jcol/]

I’ll customise the day for charities and similar organisation, so book your place (it’s bound to sell out) and let me know (or tell VODA when you book) if there’s anything in particular you’d like me to cover!  See you there.

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