Presentation Genius Clinic

You've got to present and you know your stuff and the date. All you need to do now is learn to present with style and impact, right?

But it’s not as easy as everyone pretends.

Your friends say “You’ll be great – just be yourself” but that doesn’t cut it.

Googling Presentation Tips just don’t cut it, either… because most tips are worse than useless. “Imagine your audience naked” feels about as helpful as saying to a short person “Just go out there and be taller”.

Feel familiar?

But you’re “not a presenter” and so full training isn’t sensible.

We get that. Little money and even less time.

So here’s the best alternative! A highly focused clinic, where we’ll zap through your big issue. Just tell me what’s bugging you and we’ll get it sorted.

What’s the deal with your presentation?

presentation stage 1

Want to know where to start? Ask about Presentations Preparation. Don’t know how to get going? Don’t want to freak out? Don’t want to freak your audience out? Know there’s something better than Death by PowerPoint but don’t know what? Want to get your online set-up a bit more sorted?
This is for you if you need to get started and get on in under an hour.

presentation stage 2

Or are you making progress but a bit uncertain? We call that Preparation Panic. You’ve done it, I’ve done it… we’ve all done it! We start working on our presentation with enthusiasm but them loose our way or our confidence… or we find other ways to do it and we can’t decide which route to go down. You’ve probably even got slides started at this stage. This is for you if you’ve been working on things for a bit and need a short blitz to get you going again.

presentation stage 3

What about if you’ve got it nailed and you’re just checking? Time for some Presentation Practice. No one goes live with a presentation without having tried it out a few times, right? Well yes of course they do – and for unimportant presentations that’s fine. But what if credibility or even sales depend on whether or not you get it right? This is for you if you’re most of the way there and want to refine it in a the longest 45 minutes of your life.

Need to show it to someone else? Need a hardcopy brochure? Here it is!

Heads up! Don’t forget this isn’t a “done for you”. You still have to do the work… but now you’ll know you’re doing the right work in the right way, to get a better presentation.

How can you be sure we can help?

Don’t take our word for how handy this clinic is! Check out the screenshots. And check out the videos…

And Nigel just sent us this. We worked with Nigel to help him with his First Big Gig! 😉

Oh, and how about this compilation, ranging from complete presentation newbies to full time professional speakers…?

Better presentation happy customer!

Before you jump in and book an hour long clinic, know I’m not cheap for a good reason! 🙂

Is there a catch?

A tiny one.

And that is that we only do three of these per week. That’s it. Come hell or high water. If you’re unsure, just grab a free ten minute ‘chemistry check’ session here.

Are there any extras thrown in?

No. Why not? Because places like Impact Factory charge double this already. And besides, we won’t cheapen what we do with gimmicks.

That said, we often throw something in if you would benefit from it and if we’ve got it (let’s face it, we’re going to have it with all our experience) but that’s ‘cos we’re trying to be helpful, not as part of a sales page!

The even better news is that we’ll not try and push another clinic on you – just spend our time together doing the best we can.

What should I do now?


If you want the 15 minute advice and chemistry check, this link will take you to the free booking. Everything should work like clockwork! 🙂

Want the Presentation Clinic? It’s a two step process… click here to pay and then you’ll be automatically re-routed to the booking page. Simple!