This isn’t a blog about how it felt to do a TEDx, or advice. I just want you to watch it in case it’s useful to you.

I talk about how to hear bad news, not give it and the link below is to the official TEDx YouTube.

We recorded to cameras on the day, because of Covid19 restrictions – but performed ‘as though’ there was an audience for the presentation. That’s pretty surreal, I have to say, when you’re trying to time pauses for laughs but with no one there actually be laughing!

Self-pity and frustrations aside, I genuinely hope it’s a useful presentation in terms of the content.

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  1. Julie

    I have just watched your TED Talk Simon and I was really moved and inspired by what you had to say. Such refreshing, poignant, hopeful and practical words to deal with the inevitable. Our ability to deal with grief reflects our ability to feel fully alive and human. Thank you so much for bringing to life a subject that is easily and painfully overlooked.

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