Training testimonials

A quick and random selection! 🙂  Yes, there are more, but the people in this video are the only ones we could grab quickly after a recent skills training session.

A couple of quick videos

Social media comments

Sarah asked me to work online with her membership group about their presentation confidence.

This message from Norma-Jean appeared on facebook shortly after she’d attended on of my courses. It rather made my day, to be honest!

It’s always nice when hosting-clients (that is, people who hire me in and then sell places at the course) send me this kind of feedback.

The screenshot below is a quick grab from Linked-In. Sadly, Joy died shortly after writing this testimonial and I really, really wish we’d had time to work more together.

This is a conference presentation response. Scoring over the maximum is always flattering! 😉

Now I have to be honest here… if you can make out the names in the first tweet I’m not sure I deserve to be alongside them, but it absolutely made my week that somebody puts me in the same list as people I look up to – Chris Brogan, Daniel Pink, Simon Sinek, Todd Henry, Vanessa van Edwards, and Malcolm Gladwell!