two podcast interviews about presentations

Well, while I finally get my act together about to relaunch the (upcoming) “HaveMoreImpact” podcast, I’ve been busy on other people’s 🙂 By co-incidence both came out in the same week.

First up is Paul Lancaster’s one-hour long (!) interview for his SuperConnector podcast. We cover presentations of course, but also Batman and the Benny Hill Theme. Trust me, that bit’s worth skipping over! 🙂

Listen to “Episode 6 – Dr Simon Raybould (Presentation Genius)” on Spreaker.

Number two is much sorter you’ll be pleased to know. Ashleigh King’s Nurture Your Zest podcast isn’t even half as long, but just as much fun! Oh, and at the end, there’s a fantastic offer for the Presentation Design Pack! You can get the Silver Pack for the price of the Bronze version of the pack – even though I say it the wrong way around on the podcast! 🙂

Listen to “#NurtureYourZest Episode 24 with special guest Simon Raybould” on Spreaker.

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