Individual training

Want to make better presentations but not part of a team?

  • There are a number of good reasons you might want to get some training on your own:
  • you’re a one-person-team or one-person-company
  • your senior role means it’s not sensible to train with other people you work with
  • there’s something very specific you need to get sorted out.

It makes perfect sense that sometimes it’s just got to be one on one. In groups, we’ll do the best that can be done for the most people in the group, but if you’re working with us solo, we’ll be able to concentrate absolutely on the very specific things you need.

The downside is that it’s pretty intense! Just two people and a training room is a challenging environment, no matter how much fun we have – but we think of it like this: the harder you work with us the better your presentation. And the better your presentation, the more your presentation is likely to change your world a bit.

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What about if you can’t get to us and you don’t want to fly us to you? No problem, we do online presentations training too, in our “clinics“.

Actually, that’s a lie, it is a problem. What? Because we do awesome work online, but it’s not going to be as good as face to face – don’t be suckered in by anyone who tells you it’s just as effective. There’s a reason they’re saying that! 馃槈

Want to do things in your own time or your own way?

Sometimes training isn’t a practical option. Or maybe you want to get a leg up without the commitment to working with a trainer. Either is fine, we’ve got a range of options covered in our Shop.

They range from short (and stupidly cheap!) ebooks to online courses; from tip sheets to challenges.