Recent Media Stuff

Over the years I’ve done a lot of interviews for other people’s books, podcasts and things. Here’s a a selection (that I’m gradually updating as I re-find them all! 🙂 )

I’m chatting here to Jackie Goddard on her “Speaking About Speaking” podcast. We don’t really get into the weeds of the tools I use and that sort of thing, but it’s a handy intro to the kinds of people I work with and the approach… particularly the starting bit.

Here’s a 45 minute interview recently recorded for Tony Brookes where we cover a wide range of “stuff” to do with presentations… Tony’s “big thing” is survival psychology, particularly in leadership roles, where we make better decisions when we’re not doing so out of a fear of getting things wrong. (Yeah, I’m simplifying!)

On LinkedIn, I’m publishing an (almost) weekly tip video series called ”TalkTactics. You can see them here. This particular one has been copied to Vimeo for convenience and it’s pretty typical of the one-shot, no-edit style 😉

Image credit for capturing the wedding speech to: “About today photography” and you can see the rest of the day at…

Keith’s Fuel podcast is a hoot – and a useful one at that. He covers a fascinating and eclectic mix of business-related topics. You can find other episodes on his website but this embedded version is on Spotify. Brace yourself, it’s over and hour long and has a swear word in it.

I’ve written quite a few books, and in this podcast, I’m interviewed about me writing process and my experience of being edited. It’s recorded live at a conference coffee-break, so there’s a bit of background but nothing to worry about (honest!). If you listen closely you can eve hear the tea-cups! 🙂

Stay Humble is a great name for a podcast! If only I listened to that advice, eh? 😉

We talk a lot about TEDx, designing presentations, preparing for interviews; recovering from interviews and quite a bit more. (It’s nearly an hour long though, so you don’t want to listen at the gym, or you’ll kill yourself!)

We do a bit of a geeking out here here, looking at the ways of getting scientific (or at least complicated!) information across… and being scientific about it.

Being scientific doesn’t mean boring; it means not talking tosh. And there’s a lot of that around – either ’cos people just don’t know what they’re talking about or ’cos, well… they do but don’t care! 😉

Listen to me rant! I go off on one here about people who ”tell stories” … actually it’s not the telling of the stories that’s the problem it’s the telling-stories-for-the-sake-of-telling-stories.

Don’t tell stories! Use them.

I have a theory that marketers are a form of live only slightly more morally evolved than corrupt police. And yet here I am on a marketing podcast!

Save me!

We talk about things like networking…