Public Presentation training: Newcastle

Our next public presentation skills training –  Newcastle Startup Week: May, 2019.

So would you like some training on how to present the ideas about your company? About your ideas? Your start-up?

It’s a serious question. Would you like to? This course is how you start. Because a presentation can change your world – particularly if you’re a start-up! Check out the details right here. It’s in the morning of Day Three, before the StartUp Week events of the day, but at the same venue.

You can see the details on the booking page at startupweek presentations training

What will I learn?

Each workshop is a little different, depending on who’s there, but typically we’ll cover:

  • looking at what to include for funders or investors (or any other stakeholder!)
  • tools for handling your nerves
  • understanding the psychology of the audience
  • structuring your presentation to make it work
  • designing effective slides – and knowing when to use them (or not!)
  • sounding and looking authoritative and confident

… and some people say…


In short, it’s a full package to get you on the road towards presentation genius. We’ll not waste your time by asking you to do a presentation and then tell you what you did wrong. That’s no fun, and  it’s not how people learn best: instead we’ll show you the big ideas behind presentations that you can modify to your own needs, and give you the exercises you’ll need to do this in your own time. If you want some one to one support, just let us know and grab a ticket.

That way we can cram as much content as possible into the time.

Is the course suitable for me?

Everyone will benefit, but it’s particularly aimed at those with only a little experience as presenters. We won’t cover the ‘keystroke’ level of training – why do that, when software changes all the time and, more importantly, it’s about how you use it, not which software it is! (And for some things, of course, there should be no software!)  The principles we cover can be used and applied to any type of presentation.

What’s the risk? And what do I get?

cover_crop_transparentThere’s no risk. If you come along and honestly don’t think the course has been worthwhile just tell us and you’ll get your money back. Simple as that.

We honestly believe you’ll not get better quality and value in a presentations training course.

One quick note though – this training isn’t included in your five day wrist-band. You need to get yourself a ticket especially.

What should I do next?

Check out the details right here. It’s in the morning of day three, before the StartUp Week events of the day, but at the same venue.

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