Five Day Challenge – are you ready?

The number 5 on a table
Presentation five day challenge (image from Kaboom pics)

What’s the five day challenge?

It’s a set of emails, one a day for five days. There’s cracking material in the emails and what’s more, they’ll signpost you to content both specially created for the challenge and part of our bigger training courses. Some of the questions we’ll challenge you with aren’t easy.  Some of them look easy but aren’t. Some of them actually are easy, so don’t panic.

I can’t promise you’ll be a Presentation Genius by the end of just five days (I’m very good but I’m not a magician!) but you’ll be a lot better, even if all you do is read the emails and think about it for a bit.

Oh yeah, you’ll have to do some work – that’s what makes it a challenge.

What do I put in?   I put in some focus and advice about what the work should be, how to go about it and what sort of results to expect.


What will you get out of it?

Do the challenge and your presentations will be better.  Much better. (Genius level presentations isn’t a promise, not from just a five day challenge!) You’ll also get a copy of my last but one book sent in PDF format (Presenting Made Simple) and a discount offer to our online training.

We’ll also add you to our monthly-ish tip-sheet.   (Monthly is our aim – we don’t always manage it because we don’t post if there’s nothing special to say!  🙂 )


What do we include?  Here’s a quick-n-dirty video from my office 🙂


What do you need to do for this magic to start?

Take the challenge test tubesSign up here – and don’t forget to tick the box saying you want the five day challenge!  You’ll get the usual email asking you to confirm that you’re interested; just hit yes and the technology will take care of the rest.

And yes, we promise we’ll not pass your email on, of course.

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