Presentation blogs for other folks!

I’ve been writing and providing presentation wisdom(?) for a few other people recently!

Presentations using templates Blargh!Here are two for the marking guys Andrew&Pete. Firstly, here’s a tongue-in-cheek look at using powerpoint templates.  (Caution – large does of sarcasm are involved)

presentation workloadAnd more recently I look at how to structure your presentation using an analogy taken from radio-active decay!  There’s a joke about explosive presentations here that I’m fighting hard to resist! 🙂 )

even non-presenters can presentSo much for Andrew and Pete. I’ve been busy in other place too! For example, here’s something I wrote for The Writer’s Cookbook, looking at how authors (and other people who aren’t often thought of as speakers, naturally) can do presentations.

presentations are easier if you breatheAnd finally (for now!) here’s a blog I wrote a few months ago for proof-reader Louise Harnby!

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