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For a long time, I ran the Presentation Skills Blog over on my training company’s site. As I write there are very nearly 450 posts! At a guess I’d say that barely 50 of them were self-indulgent, or adds of any kind (I may be flattering myself, of course) so that’s about 400 useful bits of articles. It’s got me clients and it’s got me friends. All in all, blogging like that has been a success.

On the downside, running that blog makes it pretty hard to blog here, ‘cos I’m just flat out all the time, particularly as I’m now doing more guest blogs, on places like

Add to that the major irritation of some selfish, arrogant prick hacking the sites of all the websites on my host’s server (hundreds of us lost our websites for a while), which meant that my viewing figures took a big hit, and it seems like time for a change.  So here it is.  This.  The Presentation Genius site is now going to be the main home of the presentation skills blog, going forward. Stick around, it’s going to be fun.

Old posts

Don’t worry – I have no intention of taking down all the goodness of the old Presentation Skills Blog and I’ll be no-doubt revisiting some of the bigger ideas from there over the next months and years as I build up the Presentation Genius blog – after all, it’s a great resource – and while I’m at it, I’ll be referring to it every now and again for the same reason. So with that in mind, I thought, why not do a quick review? Because a proper review would take too long!  There are over 400 presentation articles over there! Life’s too short!  🙂  Okay then, a compromise – a look back at some of the most popular posts  🙂

[jcolumns] While it’s not even close to being the most popular blog post on any give month, it’s always in the top ten… why shouldn’t you use those ever-so-helpful templates in your powerpoints?

Three and a half reasons not to use templates in your presentations

By a long way, this was the most shared post on social media. It might be because it briefly references my friend Paul McGee but it might also be that I just tapped into something, talking about the difference between presentations that inspire and presentations that motivate.

Inspiration vs Motivation in presentations

Reviews have always been popular – and this is an old one from when Prezi was the new kind on the presenting block…

prezi for presentations? Perhaps

[jcol/] Although it never generated a single comment  (I don’t know why!) this very tactical blog post about how to handle assumptions and by-pass jargon in your presentations was massively popular.

Inferences in presentations – so watch what you say (2)

Another post where I talk about templates was one of the most controversial… it was also a personal bit of a rant, when I complained about a couple of (non-) clients 😉

Corporate presentation cockups and problems

Of course, if you want to get responses, don’t just post a review or a critique, but have the temerity to review Tony Robbins and be less than orgasmically positive 😉     I can’t remember another post where I had to remove comments! Why?  Because they were just abusive and a few of them weren’t 100% anatomically possible!

Presentation by Tony Robbins – critique


I don’t suppose that will be the last time I dig into the archives as there’s a lot of my soul and a lot of work in that blog, but that’ll do for now!  🙂

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