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presentation effort curve

Presentation blogs for other folks!

I’ve been writing and providing presentation wisdom(?) for a few other people recently! Here are two for the marking guys Andrew&Pete. Firstly, here’s a tongue-in-cheek look at using powerpoint templates.  (Caution – large does of sarcasm are involved) https://www.andrewandpete.com/powerpoint-templates/ And more recently I look at how to structure your presentation using an analogy taken from …

Prezi logo

Prezi Next

Presentation software “Prezi” recently ‘upgraded’ to Prezi Next. The original is now called Prezi Classic. (I reviewed it on the old presentation skills blog a while ago.) New users can’t get to Prezi Classic and presentations made on Prezi Classic won’t play on Prezi Next. So is this a good restart for the one-time New …

A presentation room

Three room layouts for presentations

I’ve been working in more cities than there are days in the week recently. I’ve seen more training rooms than friends 🙂   (Fortunately that’s changed this week in case you cared! 🙂 ). That got me thinking however, about how the different rooms affect presentations. Room layout: Example 1 Let’s start north of the border …