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Confidence Month

Confidence and Reflective Practice in your presentation

RP – could be Received Pronunciation, but on this occasion it stands for Reflective Practice. Great, but what’s Reflective Practice? At it’s most simple, it’s the habit of looking back at something (performance, project, meeting, whatever) and asking yourself how it went – but doing it in a structured, objective and helpful way. Why would …

Confidence Month

Getting confidence by getting more worked up

Worked up? Well, sort of.  I’m thinking of how you tighten your muscles in Progressive Muscle Relaxation? (Let’s call it PMR for short.) This is a pretty short article because, frankly, it doesn’t take much explaining.  Just do it. 🙂 [jcolumns] What’s PMR? There are lots of systems, definitions and so on, but according to …

Confidence Month

Confidence Month – inner and outer games

I don’t think I’m saying any strikingly new when I suggest that confidence can come from two sources – inside and outside. I’m not suggesting their totally independent, of course: for example, dressing nicely and being complimented that you look good is an external thing, but it can have an effect in your internal confidence. …